Breaking News!

Breaking news is my opinion on how the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other mental disorders are constantly treated.


Throat Punch ~ Breaking News!

Breaking News! This Now In!
Soldier shattered by visions of his past,
His collapsing lungs from the burdens he bares.
His fractured spine caused by distant yet near,
Faceless children’s agonizing cries.
Yet how did the Soldier get there?

Breaking News! Previous Condition,
The smashing blow,
The antonyms for breaking is Army Strong!
Fractured minds are not caused by war torn hearts.
Crumbling families, now that’s our way out.
Get the patient to believe, the root of this evil is his broken home.

Breaking News! A miracle!
Don’t worry my son, the side effects are zero to none.
Four more pills and the pain will be gone.
Your splintering mind will begin to drift
And think of nothing but good times and bliss
You can tear down the walls and forget these unhappy thoughts.

Breaking News! Abandoned VA approved!
We see here son, the Army didn’t break your mind.
The condition you see is not our concern,
This is a pre-existing condition, ha ha ha ha
We got you there.

Breaking News! Soldier Laid to Rest!


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