I am a Thief

By Vainuupo Avegalio

The bible considers a thief the lowest of the low,
To be a thief, bars you from heavens grace,
Bounds you to the depths of hell,
May the guilt consume your light and wicked memories guide your sight,
Because you see a thief is not only a theft of money, diamonds, and gold,
He deceives and takes all that is most precious in the world,
A thief, rapes the innocent, thieving their virtue, will, and spirit,
A thief, molests the guiltless, stealing their youthfulness and pubescent carelessness,
A thief, swindles the faithful, a crook of true purity of love and commitment,
A thief, desires the , luring away the steadily weakened unconscious mind,
A thief, adulterates the truths, taking the freedom from the free,

What to do with me, a thief in the dark and of the day burdened by this repentant life of sin,
The foulest type of thief, a thief of life; stolen from an inconsolable mother, a grief-stricken father, frighten sisters, and vengeful brothers,
If forgiveness can only be granted by the grieved then I am forsaken,
I am destined to live in this inescapable inferno of grief,
A slave to my wickedness and well deserved life of unpleasant solitude and disgrace,
A slave to my weakness in seeking what is uncommon among thieves, honor,
A slave to my inability to forgive my stubbornness undeserving of absolution,
A slave to my fool-headedness, the self-entitled fall guy,
A slave to my ghosts, scared abandoned stolen souls, reminders that I will always be a slave.

Note* As a Soldier many of us are dealing with injuries and wounds that pierce deeper then a combat knife, enters our hearts and minds faster then any speeding bullet, and refuses to heal. The burdens some carry are heavier then the world and many times, we buckle under that weight, some ultimately give up.


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