*Hint* Push Play and Read #MusicNWords

I’ve contemplated the theory of flight many times before,


How would it feel to feel the air beneath my wax wings?

A dauntless thought with a sudden stop,

I’ve envisioned a water tank, the great escape,


The need to appease, only to be forgotten,

A valiant attempt with no way out,

I’ve dreamt of an air tight room choking on clear fumes,

Kevin Carter,

The pain of life overrides the joy to the point that joy does not exist

I see the value of a V8 or Turbo Diesel,

I’ve wondered the tensile strength needed suspend a chandelier,

Sergei Yesenin,

Just to insure it will not snap under pressure,

Weighs heavy on my mind,

I’ve often thought of Sleeping Beauty or Snow White and their poisoned induced slumbers,

Brothers Grimm,

What it must feel like to not worry about things to come,

The notion of an undisturbed eternal rest is intriguing,

So many thoughts cloud my mind,


Wishing for the nightmares to end,

I’m here to tell you, I’m not done yet.


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