In Service of Others

In service of others, I was raised; never do for you, always better to give then to receive. Honor your mother and father; protect your brothers and sisters. Be kind to those who deserve it; be just to those in whom you serve. Punish all who violate, murder, rape, or steal. Show love and compassion to those who have suffered, be fair to the faithful. Know that in this life or the next your kindness, fairness, love and compassion will be reciprocated.

Grandpa, when you died so did the ways of old. I follow them still. But it is difficult and very hard to stay on this path you taught me. Kindness is seen as weakness, often taken advantage of. Really, I don’t think anyone truly cares anymore. Punishing others only leads to punishing yourself. To be looked at as the criminal, vigilante or monster even. To show love or compassion is to open your soul so people can manipulate and tear out what humanity you have left. Fairness is relative, people only care of themselves now.

I know, I will, I will not fail, I will continue to do these things Grandpa, in hopes the next life is a little more kind, because I have no hope for this one.


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