Sad Day

I dedicate this poem to my loving aunty, Tui Enesi. Words cannot express how I much I love you and how grateful we are as a family to have had you in our lives. You have always been a beautiful person. Selfless in all that you did, you always searched for the good in people and never gave up on them. I wanted to thank you for the things you have done in my life. You pushed me hard, you always got me out of trouble, your laugh and smile always brightened my day, and most of all your presence. You brought such warmth everywhere you went. And on a side note thank you for all the ice creams and cookies. I love you and miss you.

The sun rose a little slower today,
Inching its way towards the west,
Not a cloud in the sky,
Yet dulled by an ominous lingering haze,
The flowers that blossomed every morning,
Beautifully with the early morning dew,
Lacked its gorgeous yellows, reds, and purples today,
By the time night fell,
It was as if the day knew,
And the heavens were in preparation,
The stars shined bright that night,
As the last beat of a delicate heart,
Ushered blood through her veins for the last time,
The full moon broke through the palms,
And lit up the night sky,
Aligning the stars like a glorious staircase,
As if to guide you home,
This life has ended for you,
But the real journey has just begun,

“Ia manuia lau malaga”
“Happiest & Safest Journey”

#CancerSucks #RestInPeace #NeverForgotten #Teacher #Mentor #LeoneHighSchool #AmericanSamoa #AnAngelHasGoneHOme


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