Where I Come From

Where I come from
Where I come from,
There is no time to feel sorry for one’s self,
There is no time for self loathing  or self pity,
Because your life was never to worry about yourself but to serve others,
Where I come from,
Pain is weakness slowly leaving the body,
Crying is for the young and even then it’s still frowned upon,
Happiness is a state which everyone strives for but can only be reached in death,
Where I come from,
Weakness is a sickness quickly found and dealt with,
Strength is relative, are you really strong, there is a weakness,
They will find your breaking point,
Where I come from,
Love is never shown,
A tear is never seen,
Yet laughter, anger, and aggression will rule the day,
Where I come from,
You are a tool, a machine, you are meant to serve, to work,
You are not good enough to receive things,
Where I come from,
The littlest of dishonor carries so much shame,
You will never hear a word of comfort, encouragement or love,
You will hear words like; worthless, stupid, I wish you were dead,
Life comes and goes more often than not by thy own hands,
Where I come from

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