Sincerely PTSD


Hello My Friend,

Well, I think you might need to take a seat for this one. Well, here it is friend, I think I have been holding you back way too long now. I can see the urge in your eyes to get out and mingle freely without having to babysit me on this stupid anxiety table or around poetry reading or any other events for that matter.

I know I can be a bit of a party pooper, even a little needy, a bit of a buzz kill, I mean you always have to check on me. I tend to keep you from meeting new people. Shy in the corner, make you walk around aimlessly. Honestly you look kinda awkward when I’m around.

So here is my plan my friend, it is time for me to let you be, I believe you can handle things without me now, don’t lie you have been dying to get rid of me. So I will no longer go to parties, I will no longer attend your poetry things. You got this my friend. Now go be free, I will always be hidden in the back of your mind. I’m pretty sure I will pop up from time to time but eventually you will forget about me and that is okay too.



Enduring Freedom

P.S. Until we meet again


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