Kinda Nice

I found myself driving aimlessly, not knowing which direction to turn, just turning, in hopes that it would lead me somewhere. As I made my way down an unfamiliar path a magnificent spectacle of blinking bright lights and monstrous hunk of deep blue floating steel swooped across the front of my car and landed with ease across the field down the tarmac.

I parked my car hopped out and jumped onto the hood of my SUV. I was fascinated by this splendorous hidden secret and began to watch the planes land. One after the other, for what seemed like mere minutes actually turned into quite an event. The afternoon sun turned to a slowly melting sunset, the sunset turned to a star filled night, and the star filled night had beautiful floating lights slowly cascading down to earth.

I could not have imagined that there, hidden in plain sight lie so much beauty and peace in one place. This place has become my new favorite place, to come and see the things that make me dream, and the dreams that make me believe in tomorrow. Like Brotha Israel Kamakawiwoʻole and his version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow“. 

Below my Instagram post from the past two nights. @lifesawetcanvas  



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