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Kinda Nice

I found myself driving aimlessly, not knowing which direction to turn, just turning, in hopes that it would lead me somewhere. As I made my way down an unfamiliar path a magnificent spectacle of blinking bright lights and monstrous hunk of deep blue floating steel swooped across the front of my car and landed with ease across the field down the tarmac.

I parked my car hopped out and jumped onto the hood of my SUV. I was fascinated by this splendorous hidden secret and began to watch the planes land. One after the other, for what seemed like mere minutes actually turned into quite an event. The afternoon sun turned to a slowly melting sunset, the sunset turned to a star filled night, and the star filled night had beautiful floating lights slowly cascading down to earth.

I could not have imagined that there, hidden in plain sight lie so much beauty and peace in one place. This place has become my new favorite place, to come and see the things that make me dream, and the dreams that make me believe in tomorrow. Like Brotha Israel Kamakawiwoʻole and his version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow“. 

Below my Instagram post from the past two nights. @lifesawetcanvas  


Fade Away

It takes 60 days to forget a face
I have never been more frightened than I am right now
My mind can’t focus a tear wells up but never leaves my eyes
My nerves are unsteady
It takes 90 days to forget a name
I can barely keep my hands from trembling
My heel keeps tap tap tapping the floor
I know many others have been through this before but I haven’t
The rest follows fairly quickly
I have no idea who to turn to anymore without feeling needy
No amount of check-the-block bull shit prepared me for this
Fade away

Sincerely PTSD


Hello My Friend,

Well, I think you might need to take a seat for this one. Well, here it is friend, I think I have been holding you back way too long now. I can see the urge in your eyes to get out and mingle freely without having to babysit me on this stupid anxiety table or around poetry reading or any other events for that matter.

I know I can be a bit of a party pooper, even a little needy, a bit of a buzz kill, I mean you always have to check on me. I tend to keep you from meeting new people. Shy in the corner, make you walk around aimlessly. Honestly you look kinda awkward when I’m around.

So here is my plan my friend, it is time for me to let you be, I believe you can handle things without me now, don’t lie you have been dying to get rid of me. So I will no longer go to parties, I will no longer attend your poetry things. You got this my friend. Now go be free, I will always be hidden in the back of your mind. I’m pretty sure I will pop up from time to time but eventually you will forget about me and that is okay too.



Enduring Freedom

P.S. Until we meet again

Where I Come From

Where I come from
Where I come from,
There is no time to feel sorry for one’s self,
There is no time for self loathing  or self pity,
Because your life was never to worry about yourself but to serve others,
Where I come from,
Pain is weakness slowly leaving the body,
Crying is for the young and even then it’s still frowned upon,
Happiness is a state which everyone strives for but can only be reached in death,
Where I come from,
Weakness is a sickness quickly found and dealt with,
Strength is relative, are you really strong, there is a weakness,
They will find your breaking point,
Where I come from,
Love is never shown,
A tear is never seen,
Yet laughter, anger, and aggression will rule the day,
Where I come from,
You are a tool, a machine, you are meant to serve, to work,
You are not good enough to receive things,
Where I come from,
The littlest of dishonor carries so much shame,
You will never hear a word of comfort, encouragement or love,
You will hear words like; worthless, stupid, I wish you were dead,
Life comes and goes more often than not by thy own hands,
Where I come from

Chronic Skull Prints

Chronic Skull Print

Linocut 9" X 12" Printmasters Paper


Chronic Skull Print
9″ x 12″ Printmasters Paper

Learn more about print making from the master herself Valerie Stemac like I did.
Check her out:
About: ValerieGraceArt
Shop: ValerieGrace Threadless
Instagram: ValerieGracePrints

Dream Catching

Dream Catching on Combat Paper

Mixed Media Art 24" x 36" Combat Paper



Dream Catching
Mixed Media Art
24″ x 36″ Combat Paper

Learn more about Combat Paper Click Hear

Warrior Way Exhibit: Path to Redemption by Vainuupo Avegalio Starts July 8

Vainuupo Avegalio

Artist Reception during July’s Second Saturday: July 8, 2017, 6p-9p.

The Workhouse is excited to announce the next show in our Warrior Way Gallery featuring works by veteran artist Vainuupo Avegalio.

The Military life has been both a blessing and a curse. It has taken me to places I could have only dreamed of growing up on the Samoan islands. I have seen the horrors, destruction, merciless acts of inhumanity, gallantry, heroism and have sent and welcomed many good friends home. I have been shot at by our enemies and spit on by the people we have fought to protect. After 12 years of service and still counting a battle from deep within grew stronger with every breath and every thought. A battle with one’s self. This battle eventually took its toll, gasping for air, drowning me in my own shallow grave.

The feeling of regret, hate, unable to love, feel or care, Unable to look my mother in her eyes and tell her, I love her. The emptiness and pain inside has taken my wife, my friends (dead & living), my family and almost my life. I needed an outlet. Art & Poetry has become a highway to healing. I love working with acrylic paint but I consider myself a mixed media artist as I love experimenting and learning new forms of art from; printmaking, oil painting, plaster, clay, glass, resin and spray paint just to name a few. I love the flow of each type of medium and how everything takes its own course. I believe that Art & Poetry is my therapy and reveals much more than i could ever express in words; pain, sorrow, depression, repression, aggression, healing and eventually, one day joy, just to name a few. This is my Path To Redemption.

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