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Block Print – Mosquito Coil

Print making is a fairly new art form for me. I learned it from a very dear friend of mine. She is so talented… You can find her art at and . . #BlockPrinting #Swirls #Linocut #MosquitoCoil #ArtIsTherapy #Art #VeteranArtist #VaisArt View this post on Instagram Print making is a fairly new art…

Combat Paper NJ and Warrior Writer’s


This is such a powerful process to witness and to be apart of. If you have time please come out and watch these veterans and active duty, guard and/or reserve pour out there souls, feel their pain, live their triumphs, share their sorrows, and see their fears.

Proudly Sponsored and Offered By Below Links:
Combat Paper NJ
Warrior Writer’s
Community Building Artworks
USO Warrior and Family Center at Bethesda

I am a Thief

As a Soldier many of us are dealing with injuries and wounds that pierce deeper then a combat knife, enters our hearts and minds faster then any speeding bullet, and refuses to heal. The burdens some carry are heavier then the world and many times, we buckle under that weight, some ultimately give up.

Breaking News!

Breaking news is my opinion on how the Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other mental disorders are constantly treated. Breaking News! This Now In! Soldier shattered by visions of his past, His collapsing lungs from the burdens he bares. His fractured spine caused by distant yet near, Faceless children’s…

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